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Tenerife TOP 3

Image by Maksim Shutov

We'll start the tour at Los Gigantes Cliffs, where you'll enjoy stunning views of the ocean and rock formations rising more than 600 meters above sea level. Then we head to Masco, a mysterious village hidden among the mountains, where you will get to know the local flavor and learn about the traditions of the Guanches. Our journey will culminate in Teide National Park, where we will come face to face with Spain's highest volcano. This trip promises not only unforgettable experiences and photographs, but also a deep immersion in the culture and nature of Tenerife. After seeing these natural wonders, you will discover the hidden treasures of the magical island and can confidently say that you have visited the best places in Tenerife

Daily schedule *

12:00 Check-out from your hotel

13:00 Cliffs of Los Gigantes

14:00 Maska Village

14:30 Lunch (optional)

17:30 Teide National Park

20:00 Return to the hotel

*may change at different times of the year, and also depending on whether you want to go up the Teide lift or not

Image by Luis
Image by Joshua Humpfer


8 ocloc'k

200 euros (group up to 6 people)

Additionally (on request)

  • Picnic in Teide National Park (25 euros/person)

  • Professional photos (25 euros/person)

  • Lift to Teide (40 euros/person)

Photos from previous tours

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